Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Demo and wheel refinements

Surprise! Midweek update!

I finally mounted the pump arm struts again, in order to work out the exact pillow block mounting details. After doing so I took advantage of having the major action working again to film a quick demonstration video. I've been enjoying LostMachine's video updates on the progress of the Pirate Ship for a long time now and recently wondered why I hadn't been doing the same thing. So hopefully look forward to more videos in the future.

I also had the differential on temporarily, to work out exactly where I need keyways cut in the shaft. It'll actually be mounted on the other side for the final assembly, but that doesn't affect the keyway issue any. There's something about the asymmetrical differential placement with its giant sprocket that I just love. Going to look pretty sweet with the drive chains added.

Worried about the strength of the drive wheel brackets due to some pretty bad welds, I added some extra bracing. I also welded on the mounting point for the brakes, as can be seen here. That means I'm done with welding and done with the wheel brackets, woot.

Tomorrow I need to drill the actual mounting holes for the pump arm pillow blocks, now that I have the placement worked out, and maybe try my hand at repacking the hub ball bearings on my fixied drive wheel. (I finally looked up some guides, and my initial instinct was correct: use loads and loads of grease to holds the balls in place!) If that works, I'll apply the same massive adhesive hack to the other drive wheel.

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