Sunday, August 22, 2010


When originally conceived, I planned on wrapping the Kalamazoo in el-wire. It's for Burning Man, after all, and everything there is wrapped in el-wire. But as work progressed, I kept adding more and more subtle, classy design details. By the time I got to seriously thinking about lighting, the idea of adding el-wire seemed really... tacky. I played with the idea of the solar-powered fake lanterns you can get as lawn decoration, which seemed to fit the evolved look better. But they're seriously not cheap, and, well, fake. So... why not real lanterns?

I ended up going with two at the front and two hanging under the pump-arm tripods. The forward pair hang from (custom, natch) smithed hooks. I went with a pigtail curlicue instead of the same 2D spiral I've used everywhere else. As well as adding some variety, this also helps control the swing of the lanterns.

The two under the pump arm hang from some cheap brass chain.

I let one of the lanterns burn for an hour tonight to gage fuel consumption. I put in 150 ml of oil at the beginning, and at the end I poured out... 150 ml of oil. So I don't think taking enough fuel will be a problem.

Road test #3 happened yesterday, with decent results. I tightened the chains today but didn't have an opportunity to take it out again. Running out of time to make modifications, but at least my to-do list is getting quite short.

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